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The ‘Fotopeintures’ from this collection can be ordered in various sizes. Most of these "Photo Intures" are made to print at a size of approx. 150 cm. "Fotopeintures" are photographs taken and digitally edited by Pim Westerweel, which he calls "Light Paintings". He uses his original digital files / photos as a palette to paint with. This processing has stripped the images of their photographic reality. All his life he has edited photos analogously and later also digitally. They have been used in reports, record covers and designs for textiles and paper. Editing photos is as old as photography, as is the use of photos as examples for paintings. See George Hendrik Breitner. The analog photographic possibilities with e.g. "Push through" of clouds in the DOKA, use of red filters in black and white photography, use of infrared films were all all means to manipulate reality. Making the choice of what is allowed in the image and what is not is one distortion of reality. Photo montages in which political "Headlines" became pieces (and are) replaced show a reality that is not there. So the interpretation of reality is always personal and deceptive. The digital age has vastly increased these possibilities and so has had a major influence on the news gathering, but also on the visual arts.

You can see these 'Fotopeintures' also on YouTube.